Fisheye Cabin Fever Videos

    I get a little antsy sometimes and wander around the neighborhood with my camera. Or just wander around my apartment with my iPhone looking for anything to record with my fisheye adapters. I get a kick out of the super wide field of view, and the distortion effects of the lens. 
    The Coffee video was recorded on an iPhone 4s with a KingMas fisheye adapter, using the Timelapse feature built into the IOS camera app.  Is it a “true” timelapse? Meaning, is it a sequence of still photos taken at intervals and then stitched together? Or is it some kind of encoding that only records every 24 video frames? I can’t really say, but I do know that the file output from the phone is not a 1920X1080 video, but a much smaller and odd resolution file. Thus, the poor image quality after having transcoded it for Youtube.
    The other video, Out4ASpin, was the doings and goings on of a short walk on a cold afternoon to test some stabilizer gear for my Canon t4i plus wide angle adapter. I was also recording the footage at 60fps, in order to later slow the footage to 30fps. The result is a dreamy spin around my backyard. There is something magical about watching the footage you’ve shot in slow motion. The music is a little guitar doodling (recorded on my trusty Tascam DR-70d), also temporally distorted. 

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