La Gondola Providence Commercial

Part two of my Providence, RI adventure:
Midtown Gondola Ride
An old friend and fellow video junkie from my UMass Amherst days works as a gondolier and pulled me in to help produce commercial material for the company. And so it came to be that I spent this passed friday on a gondola on the Providence River.
Marcello “Il Boss”

Marcello is a fountain of historical information and gifted orator. As we made our way down the river where we conducted an interview, Marcello casually described the history of buildings and cultural landmarks of the city.

Miles aka Fabrizio aka MC Moneypenny

My college friend turned gondolier, Miles, was on board also to help and advise during the interview. Later in the day, Miles would transform into his alter-ego, political rapper MC Moneypenny, and we would record a music video for a new single.

Interview with Marcello on the docks

The biggest challenge of the day was besting the elements. Sunlight offered great exposures and tricky flares and highlight blowouts. Had I been shooting on a DSLR, I doubt I’d have been able to cope with the massive exposure shifts as smoothly and quickly as I could with my camcorder. For the dockside interview, a bounce was in order, but that proved to be too powerful for Marcello. The bounce from the midday sun was not only too bright but too hot for him. But the shoot looked good!
Frame grab from Sony X70


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