"Without a Face" Promotional Video

Part One of My Providence Adventure: “Without A Face”
Profile against DIY green screen
Many many miles away in a land called Rhode Island, there is a photographer I know. That photographer is planning a showing of his photos, centering around painters and their work. That’s where I come in, to help create a dramatic promotional video in anticipation of the gallery show.


Photographer becomes the model
Eric Frazer (EricFrazerPhotography.com), who I have worked with before, is quite gifted. The aesthetic for the video was entirely his idea. We set up at his studio space outside of Providence, blocked out the windows and taped some green poster boards to the walls. We also pulled off some workable silhouette work against the bare white wall.


Eric in deep thought
The second half of the shoot was more candid. I followed Eric around while he set up his lights for a model shoot, capturing his thoughtful preparation. Overall, I think the finished piece will be sleek and moody. Looking forward to cutting it together.

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