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The Shepherds’ Singularity Promo

I spent an evening shooting a promotional video for a community theater production. I enjoyed working with this direct last year and was excited when I was asked to produce a video for a new play. The director had the actors run select parts of scenes, I came up with framing on the fly, and then tried to edit with as much style and intrigue as I could in two days before opening night. The X70 was used as the primary cam and a Canon 650D with EF-S 24mm was used as B Cam.

Shepherd’s Singularity Promo 2Min from Adrian Atwood on Vimeo.

This quick slideshow just demonstrates some of the color grading and LUT work I experimented with in Premiere Pro CC. The images start with the picture as captured in camera and dissolve to the color graded version.

Eric Frazer Photography: Without A Face

Without A Face – Eric Frazer Photography from Adrian Atwood on Vimeo.

See some behind the scenes of this shoot here.

Photographer Eric Frazer writes, “Over the past twelve months, I have worked with nearly 20 local artists to explore the possibilities. Styles have ranged from paint to performance arts, with each artist presenting his/her own unique “eye.” Together we have worked to capture not only style, but character… perhaps even providing some insight into why he or she makes their art.

Video Produced and Edited by A. Atwood
Music: “Sundial” by Purple Planet Music

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