MOE Fencing Tournament

X70 on the right and a Flashpoint 300 on the far right. Jeff (center) is directing and interviewing, while Todd (left) runs b-cam. 
The scene from behind the camera.
 Screen grab from the 1280X720 proxy file.
Friend and colleague Jeff Palmer invited me to shoot with him on a documentary he’s making about the MOE Fencing club in Somerville. More of a relaxed and creative problem solving sort of shoot than a tightly scheduled affair, which I really enjoyed. I got a chance to really put the Flashpoint LED to use, and was very pleased with it. The NP-F batteries I’m using are a bit sketchy. They only seem to work so long as the light is set at half brightness or lower. That’s what you get with generic third party electronics, I guess.
Jeff interviews one of the young fencers.
 The Flashpoint 300 with it’s tungsten filter created a warm highlight. The house lights were used as key lighting for all of the interviews.
The X70 was set to custom picture profile with cinematone1 gamma, elevated black gamma, and custom color correction to enhance skin tones. These settings and more are available thanks to the X70 user group on Facebook.
The LED that is stationed camera right produces a nice catch light in the subject’s eyes.

Slow Motion Web Commercial – Premium Q Moving & Storage

Commercial Sample 1 from Adrian Atwood on Vimeo.

This short web commercial was shot on a PXW-X70 using the S&Q Motion function. I followed the crew as they unloaded a truck, and just rolled at 1080@60p that was then conformed in camera to approx. 42% slow motion.

Coqueteur @ American Dream House

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I’ve been producing videos for the CQTR blog since the summer. Their most recent interview was in NY. I couldn’t make the trip, but I was able to bring on another videographer and brief him on the scope of the content and we determined what camera, lighting and audio gear he would need to get the footage. I advised the women of CQTR about how to conduct the interview with the audio capture and camera equipment in mind. I received the footage and put together the long form and social media edits using Premiere Pro.