American Library Association: Libraries Transform

It was a grey, cold day in Boston…

View from the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

Every so often I take on the sound recordist role. I spent many production days in this role at NLP, and learned to appreciate the procedure and the value of a good sound operator. Especially when it comes to interacting with clients and talent, a well mannered sound person can put the on camera subject at ease when prepping them with a mic and welcoming them into the “hot seat”. This role can be a nice vacation of sorts from camera and lighting work, just enough technical duties mixed with person to person skills to keep the production moving.

5dmkiii times 2

Because we were recording┬áso many interviews on a tight schedule, there was a need to have a redundant audio capture set up. Pictured above, the Tascam dr70d, powered by a USB cell for extended power. Mics are routed to the Tascam, where it’s recorded, and then passed out to the Zoom H5n, where it’s also recorded. If by some chance, the Tascam fails to record, the signal will still pass to the Zoom. Also, if there’s a problem with the first recorder, a back-up unit is on standby and ready to go.


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