Florida & RX10ii

Florida Vacation 2016 from Adrian Atwood on Vimeo.

As luck would have it, Sony announced the RX10iii weeks after I purchased a used RX10ii. But the results I’ve been able to get from the little bridge camera are impressive enough that I can hardly complain about the shorter zoom length compared to the updated version. The video above was shot (almost) entirely on the RX10ii, all of it “run and gun” while touring around Florida. I was surprised to find that the photo features of this camera are pretty satisfying as well. Compare it to a Canon Rebel like my t4i, and the Sony out performs it with built in stabilizer, built in ND, better noise performance and overall sharpness. And of course, there’s the 4k video, 120 fps HD, and high frame rate modes.

I took every chance I could get to shoot in high frame rates. I’m convinced I can use the 120fps mode to “fake” some nice slider shots. I’ve been trying to put that to use in a few commercial shoots recently, with mostly good results. It’s an excellent feature for b-roll gathering as well because you wind up with 4-5 times as much footage once you conform it down to 30p or 24p.

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