“Long Exposure”

Long Exposure from Adrian Atwood on Vimeo.

This short film is a suspense/slasher concept. It’s also a love letter to my camera. I developed the concept around the time that I was doing a lot of timelapse and long exposure photography. I was also spending some time shooting video of landscapes, like the Mt. Pollux video I shot last winter. I knew I wanted to juxtapose the serene beauty of the idealized wild with the frenzied blood bath that nature really is.

A few crude storyboards I made “Long Exposure” scenes

We had to re-shoot a few sequences. The first attempt to shoot the stabbing scene didn’t pan out so well. There were some nice shots, but the sequence as a whole wasn’t working in context of what the (lack of) budget could pull off.  Night time crept up quickly and cut short what I had planned to capture that day. So we walked away with no usable footage, but a better understanding of how and what to shoot next time. Here’s the original stabbing scene.

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Pioneer Valley, Sony 4k, and Nutrition

Behind the B Cam (A7S w/Shogun)
A big thanks to Jon Brysh who brought me on as AC for his shoot with a college text publisher to produce videos for a nutrition course. This two location shoot brought me back to Massachussetts’s Pioneer Valley where I spent my UMass days. It was nice to be back in Hadley for a visit and then over to Holyoke Community College.
The pictures are from the first set up, with Canon cine 50mm and 85mm on two Sony A7Sii’s. Recorded in 4k to Atomos Shoguns. Jon, the DP, sent me the screen grabs fresh from recorders, no tweaks in post. He wanted to get a good looking, edit ready image in camera and I think he did just that.
Video Stills from Both Cameras, No Post Production