Eastman Kodak Museum

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Blue Hills w/ High Frame Rate and Slog2

Another adventure with the power packed RX10ii. Up until this point, I had dipped my toes into shooting SLog-2 footage, most recently with the Sun Coffee video. For this hiking trip, I just dove right in and shot every clip with SLog setting. I’ve found that broad daylight delivers great results because it gives you more than enough light to expose properly in this camera setting. Mix equal parts high dynamic range, high frame rate and macro videography and the video below is what you get.

For anyone interested, the video below is an alternate version showing the SLog-2 footage before and after LUT’s and grading were applied.

Blue Hills Color Grade Sample from Adrian Atwood on Vimeo.

A few days w/ DJI Inspire and FS7

Two man crew capturing arial footage with a DJI Inspire. 

I can put four notches in my belt after this one. A mark for each charter school location where the crew captured interviews, class room sequences, arial footage, b-roll and time lapses. These guys are like working with the A-Team. Everyone rolls in with their specific skill set, and in the words of the week, the team “dominates” the job. In the photos above, George of Stearns Media is piloting, and Jon Brysh is operating the drone’s camera.

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The Rachel Review: Serenity in the City Spa

These are a few video stills from a recent shoot for a lifestyle blog, The Rachel Review. It’s been satisfying getting back in the swing of shooting with this camcorder. I think there’s something to be said for the crisp focus and steadiness of the camera. The colors, skin tones and highlights are still hit or miss sometimes. Notice the neon blue/cyan of the sky in the still below. I think it’s partly due to the limit of the dynamic range of the sensor, but also the punchy color palette of the Sony gamut.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.33.04 AM
Serenity in the City Spa, Medford MA

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Expressions Art Bar


Last friday evening I took a drive out to Southborough, MA on a StudioNow/Yelp assignment to Expressions Art Bar. This small business profile was unique for me because the client asked that we incorporate American Sign Language into the interviews. Expressions offers ASL parties and interpreters, and they rightfully wanted to feature this outstanding service in their video.

Untitled_1.34.1A paint instructor and an ASL interpreter leading the paint group

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