Rachel Review Style Series

The Cameras

This episode for The Rachel Review blog was captured on 2 cameras, with one being locked down static of the host and guest and the second roving between whichever was speaking. The result is effectively creating 3 angles in editing, as well as a chance to capture some detail shots on the fly.

The Lighting

The vibrant pink tones of the background were created using tungsten lighting with CTO gels, and one with a negative green or purple gel. The walls are actually a neutral color, which you can see in the behind the scene pictures. The key light in front of the subjects is daylight balanced, and the cameras are set to match that. The background tungsten lights are pushed even warmer as a result. The final touch is small LED edge lights to the sides of the subjects. These are also daylight, but with CTO or blue gels added to create a color contrasted edge and highlights on the subjects.


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