Castle Island Brewing, Norwood MA

A sneak preview of a branding video I’ve been producing for a local beer brewery. More to come…

For the keen observer, you’ll see the Sony X70 (wide) there on the slider, and the Sony A7sii (Medium) nearby. We used a Canon 6d as a C Cam.



The screen grabs above are all straight from camera. The X70 on the left is slightly more magenta than the A7sii (top right), but certainly manageable from a color correction standpoint. The 6D (Canon Neutral Picture setting) seems to match the X70 pretty well in terms of tint.

More to come as the project progresses…

Yelp – 5 Stars Woodwork

I spent some time away from the X70, it was good to get back to shooting with an ENG style camera. No, it’s not a low light beast like the A7sii, and it’s not a Super 35mm camcorder, but it is still a very capable and nice looking piece of kit. The f2.8 end of the lens gives a very pleasing bokeh on detail shots, and the stabilization makes hand held and slider shots a breeze.


Video here: