A Fellow American

In 2018, a survivor of a shooting spree that took place in Boston in 1968 reflects on his experience and the persistence of gun violence in America. The short film is currently being submitted to film festivals around the country. As of December 2019, it has been officially selected at Indie Visions Film Festival, Global… Read More

OneNorwood Campaign

I volunteered my services to produce testimonials, PSA’s and a general campaign video for OneNorwood, a political action organization. Their cause was to raise awareness and support for a critical vote in the town of Norwood, Massachusetts on June 3, 2019. I provided video camera equipment, lighting and expertise to capture high quality interview style… Read More

FEV Tutor Success Stories Spring 2019

These stills were taken during the capturing of FEV Tutor success stories. The administrators, teachers and students at these schools in Atlanta and Dallas expressed the ways that FEV Tutor’s online platform has lead to quantitative improvements in student performance. I captured these interviews with minimal camera equipment. Because I was the sole crew member… Read More

Boston Open Screen

Whether you sold your home to finance your 35mm masterpiece, or you made it last night in your basement — if your movie is under 10 minutes, we’ll screen it.  Each month is a new assortment of short films, animations, documentaries, student films, works in progress and more. When the screenings are over,  we meet… Read More